Help, i haven't got a refund of my holding deposit over a month

Please help, I paid holding deposit close to a month now, open rent refunded as the landlord was unresponsive. Close to a month now, I haven’t received the refund. Contacted my bank and they said it hasn’t been paid into my account. I can’t even call open rent. Please how do I get my money back?

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Kehinde_Odunayo -

Thanks for posting. I can see we refunded your card a £225 payment on the 2nd April.

If you reply to the email we sent you confirming the refund, our support team will be able to provide you with an Acquirer Reference Number that you can provide to your bank to locate the refund, if it’s not appearing in your account - however we’d expect the refund to have appeared on your account, or the initial charge to have been removed by your bank, at this point.

Rest assured the money has been refunded, and I’m sure your bank will be able to locate it (even if you happened to close your account in the interim).



Thanks for the response, I’ve contacted my bank and the take is that they haven’t received the refund. However, I’m gonna reply to the email as you’ve said to get the Acquire reference number.


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