I have dogs! Need a place

Hi All
I am desperately looking for a place to rent. I work in Banbury so my radius is quite wide. (maximum an hour’s drive to work). My problem is I have 3 dogs (German Shepherds). No-one wants to rent to me. Two of my boys are 11 years old - got health problems and sleep all day. My 3 year old goes most places with me. The maximum rent I can pay is £700. I do not need a mansion. A small cottage in the middle of a field will do me. As long as it has the basics, eg Water, Electricity/Gas! Anyone able to help me?
Many thanks

3 German shepherds . That is quite an ask for a landlord.

I agree - but believe me, my dogs are more well behaved that some children…


I can well believe that

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Do the dogs go to daycare when you are at work? Just that I’ve worked for dog rescues in the past and large intelligent dog such as GSD’s don’t do well left I exercised for longer than 4/5 hours and can become destructive due to this. I’m not a landlord but I’d worry about 3 big dog breeds left alone for long periods in my property so if you had daycare then this MAY go some way to show you are a responsible dog owner and that will reduce the risks they are concerned about but that’s just me so I guess it will just be a case of seeing if you are given any other advice from other landlords and what would help give them confidence in allowing numerous large breeds in their properties. I do wish you good luck in your search though.

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Hi Julie.

Thank you for your reply and comments.

All my dogs have been left alone during the day while I have been at work. I have never (touch wood) had any of them damage my property. Even when they were puppies.

I have had a total of 5 German Shepherds in the last 17 years and neither of them have damaged my properties that I have lived in. I used to own a lovely property and my first 2 (they were sisters) grew up there - no damage.

I privately rented a property for nearly 5 years and the landlady could not believe that there had been 3 German shepherds in the house. She is even prepared to give me a reference.

I train my dogs and keep their minds occupied.

I am not one of those irresponsible tenants that damage properties - in fact I’m one of those tenants that give value to people’s properties by looking after them as if they were my own.

I do understand that there are a lot of dog owners who just don’t care when renting and damage the properties but I would be too embarrassed to do anything like that.


That’s great but unfortunately it’s those irresponsible owners that spoil it for the rest of us and knowing the level of damage that can be caused by those irresponsible dog owners it’s easy to see why many LL’s just won’t take the risk so all you can do is keep hoping there will be a LL out there who will trust and believe in you. I’ll keep everything crossed for you Carrole.


Whilst I have dogs myself and I have a number of properties I am more than happy to rent to people with dogs but I do think I would be off put with 3 large dogs and 2 children. When there is such a high demand for properties at the moment Landlords can be choosy with who they rent to and that is perhaps why you are not getting considered. 2 dogs is normally fine but 3 is just too much especially being so big. I understand they might be great dogs but sometimes tenants say that and they are not so hence why they might not want to take the risk. Keep trying. Plus £700 you might only get a terrance property. Be prepared to compromise.

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Thanks for your message. I don’t have 2 children. It’s just me and my dogs. People are not prepared to even give me a chance. They won’t meet my dogs - come watch me dog training - come watch me do dog displays for charity (I belong to a display team in Duston and we have been doing displays for over 30 years and the money we raise we give to the guide dog association) - people judge me and my dogs without meeting me. But I’ve come to terms with it. They just losing out on a very good Tennant.

you said at the begining “two of my boys”?

My boys being my dogs. Lol.

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Made me laugh! Two children, 11 years old who sleep all day!


I was surprised by that because I’ve counted three children, two boys and a girl :slight_smile:

I think there is a mix up in how pets are refered to

I have 3 dogs. All males. I have no children. I refer to my dogs as my boys. No idea where the female comes in.

2 male dogs are 11 - have problems with their hips and spine - they sleep most of the time.

1 male dog is 3.

Hope this has cleared the confusion. :grin:

I did read it as intended, just the thought of two 11 year old children asleep all day is what made me laugh but hope you can find somewhere as that is no laughing matter. So hard these days, whether they are dogs or kids.


Thank you. Me too. :grin: