I will soon be ready to relist a property. How do I edit the listing?

I want to make some changes to the advertisement (it’s a learning curve, isn’t it) and increase the rent.
I can see how to end the tenancy on my tenancy management screen and where it says “duplicate my listing” but won’t this just generate an identical advert ?

Hi Steve,

It’s very simply, access your account - manage listings, select the property you want to readvertise - manage listing - duplicate, then go ahead and edit anything you wish, and submit.

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Thank you.

Regarding the deposit, does Open Rent arrange to pay it back to the tenants or do I arrange that ?

That depends on who’s name is on the deposit, yours or your agent (Openrent presumably).

Usually the outgoing tenant will request the deposit return and the named agent will receive a request from the deposit holder to agree or dispute its release.

You / your agent can of course initiate the release of the deposit yourself if you so wish to expedite the process.

Hi Steve, you’ll be able to edit your advert before it is republished - and you can edit it even once it is published, too!

If you used Rent New to create your previous tenancy, then we will have protected the deposit on your behalf and then transfered the ownership of the deposit certificate to you. That means repayments need to be initiated by you.

We will have send you an email with all the details on how to manage your deposit.

If you can’t find that email, you can email https://www.openrent.co.uk/faq#i-have-more-questions for support.