Trying to create a tenancy for my existing tenants

Hello, I hope you can help, we are trying to create a tenancy for our already existing tenants who have been living in the property for the past year however they are renewing their tenancy for a further 12 months until Dec 2024 and we would like to draft the tenancy agreement for this.
However, the Open Rent website wants us to relist the property on the open market as though it has no tenants and only option is to add our already existing tenants as a viewing, then have them pay the holding deposit and deposit they have already paid last year and be referenced again.
All seems somewhat unnecessary and not very user friendly, as we should be able to add a property, add our tenancy and then just click to draft a tenancy agreement…
Can you let us know how we can be able to set up our current tenants as tenants renewing their tenancy at our property and draft the tenancy agreement without having to request from them another holding deposit, or to be referenced again or another deposit and without having to place the property onto the open market again…the process should not be so complicated yet Open Rent has effectively complicated a process that should take minutes to do and we can not speak to anyone to discuss.

You don’t need to renew a tenancy, as it just becomes periodic, (usually month to month) on the same terms when the fixed term expires. This is generally better for both the landlord and the tenant. I suggest you do nothing.

Hello David, thank you for your swift reply to my query. That truly does help.
I followed the OpenRent advice as per the website how to and guidance from OpenRent and listed the property on open market so we could add our tenants and have them have a tenancy agreement, as nowhere on OpenRent mentions what you have stated, yet we have been charged for this now something that was advised to us to do yet did not need to be done.

Again, thank you for your help and clarity.

Hi @Kimberly6,

If your original tenancy was set up with OpenRent, then renewing it should be as simple as a few button clicks. We have guidance for that here:

If your tenancy was set up outside of OpenRent, and you wanted to bring it onto OpenRent, then we have guidance for that also:

It’s not quite as simple, but we do say at the bottom that you are welcome to do nothing, as per @David122’s advice.


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