I would like to sell my property, what do i do fairly?

Hi everyone.
I’m keen to now sell my property, after renting out over the last 10 years or so. Has anyone got any advice on how to go about giving a legal and fair notice to the current tenants?
Please don’t respond with ‘have training on being a landlord’ :), we just want to do it fairly.

Any advice really appreciated.

Assuming there is no fixed term contract then you have to give 2 months notice.

It’s worth bearing in mind that on average sales are taking 5 months to complete after you find a buyer so it could be available for quite a while.

I think what to do depends on tenant, if they are good and property is looking in good state to sell it may be worth discussing with them that you want to sell but is likely to still be available for next circa 6 months. If the tenants are less good and the property needs work to get it ready for selling you probably want to give the notice asap.

If you are not confident about doing it yourself, consult a housing solicitor or an evection company.

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