Landlord selling flat

Hi all have been renting for nearly 5 years got through open rent my landlord has verbally told me he is selling and will give me 3 months notice though contract says 2 months i have asked for this to be written and am still waiting am getting bit stressed over this as dont want to find out that when the verball 3 months is up i will have to go as im about to hit 60 any advise

Hi Barbara, any notice will need to be in writing, so you can count on not having to move out until at least two months after you have received written notice.

I’d recommend trying to get in touch and tell the landlord this as soon as possible so that there’s no confusion over what’s going on.

Even once the notice expires, you will be able to stay in the property until the landlord receives an order of possession from a judge, and that order expires. So if you are not able to move out in the two months, then you won’t just be kicked out.

But yes - do try and reach a consensus on the best course of action. That’s always the best way.

Let us know if you need any more help!