If someone is from overseas - how do you

how do you perform a credit check from someone who is form overseas and starting a new job here in the UK? if they say there not sure how it would work - … whats the procedure to check that ?

none of the UK agencies capture it. last August I rented to someone from USA, he had entered the country 2 weeks prior to renting. Fully cooperated on all my checks. Agents had declined him as there was no credit history. He did not have a UK bank acc, was struggling to get one without an address. Some countries do police check and that is endorsed on the passport, or some carry it with them which helps. I won’t let to someone overseas without personally verifying docs

i have come across rentchecks.com based in london, had a good chat with them today, seems to be comprehensive, check it out, i will try then since i get a lot of international requests

Hi thank you so much this is great information. Will definitely check that out!

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