Illegal to ban pets

It should be illegal to ban pets in rentals like they are now doing in other countries , there are some discussions about it and I hope this will soon become the law to Make it illegal to ban pets from rentals.
50% of the population has pets yet no one wants to rent to them (only 4%)
How fair is this ?

You should try using the search function. This has been discussed a thousand times on here.

You might learn something and actually see it from the other side of the argument.

It should be law not to be an irresponsible pet owner.
Can you explain how they can be identified in advance?


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First I posted several times because I didn’t know which category to post it in, plus when I tried to reply in older posts most were closed to new answers …
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I did read TONS about pets in rentals and I am able to see both point of views
However in some more reasonable places it is ILLEGAL and I think it just should be here too.
It is just discriminatory , and being one whose job is in animal care to see so many pets abandoned or put down for this reason is terrible.
There are many ways to protect the landlord and property legally in this very greedy market, plus property business has become like battery housing.

Can you explain how to identify a responsible landlord in advance pls?

This is all I am saying and then not responding any further. Quite simply, the landlord is NOT protected. Thank the government for introducing the deposit cap. Insurance does NOT work and totally inadequate.

The fact that you say what you say means you haven’t got a clue of the details.


My last tenant has just left after only being in the property 5 months. She moved 3 cats into my property without my permission. The house now reeks of cat pee. One of the cats has peed on a new bedroom carpet which had only been down a months before she moved in and which cost of ÂŁ280. All the cats have scratched my beautiful pine doors. Never again! I have moved back into my property and I am now struggling to get rid of the terrible smells.


Sure @Mark10

well deposit caps have been created for a reason,
it’s not only about money - Maybe that is the biggest problem in the first place.
This market is exploited and saturated anyway

I am not here to convince you, am here to make people think and maybe to “ look further away from their own nose. “ and come back to maybe “the old ways” , people to people who can find reasonable solutions for both parties.
There are a lot of people who like to take advantage of situations in a bad way but I also would like to think that There are good People out there too.
Reminds me a little bit of Covid, some showed their evil side and took advantage of this disgrace and others performed amazing acts together.

But of course some people only care about $$$$$, anyone now think they can rent anything - literally some people think that their pigsty is worth gold,
This business has been dehumanised and made worse by many things: big companies like AirBnb who are just interested in renting for a few months at a golden price and making long term renting a headache. Politics, property developers, estate agents, insurers, and the list goes on and on.

So when I see people affected by the Property market by being made homeless every day, Families that can’t afford a decent place to live, pets who have to be put down, people who literally become Mentally ill and suicidal out of desperation …
Please don’t tell me I haven’t got a clue

Anyway coming back to pets,
as a “pet loving nation” this whole business is hypocritical.
However to STOP banning pets (and children, races, people on benefits, disabled, etc!!! ) is I think the only way forward.
Obviously, The way I see it , the solution should be win-win and there should be a lot of thoughts and planning on both sides.
If organisations, private companies Or the government can’t do this, I believe that there are ways people can do it together. Maybe I’m too much of an idealist, but I like to take action too.

That is why in my case, I Have been very reluctant to get on any app or fed up of seeing 1 shop out of 2 being an estate agent on high Streets, everywhere is full of “nouveau” estate agents- property developers “ making finding a place even harder than finding a job, asking ridiculous amounts to be paid in advance and you can’t even see the property as Viewings are “sold out” And the landlord is considering the applications.
or I know the place (even the grimmest !) has been snatched already at a ridiculous price.

As we said before, how can you be sure if a person/ Child/ Animal/ etc…is decent / good?

So I directed my hope at this website, which I thought would be a little bit more” human”
However, when I put in the search (the whole of!) England as a location and can’t find a decent place because “regrets no pets”
I’m going to have to leave the UK And go to one of these countries where banning pets is illegal (Of course it’s not as simple as this, There are many conditions and clauses)
Sorry for ranting about all this but this has been affecting me and my entourage very badly for the last year.

Wish you all the best

Ps @Mark10
I completely agree with you that some pet owners are completely Irresponsible and should not even be allowed to have pets .
And it (is) should be a criminal offence to abuse pets (and the same goes for people, kids etc but that is another very complicated and lengthy story not for this site)
Sadly many times pets’ attitude reflect the owners’. In even though pets give you unconditional love, Some human beings abuse this.
In my opinion, People who care for pets/ animals/ nature are actually people who are much more responsible and decent human beings….

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You want to put animals in battery housing? :astonished:

Now that should be illegal.

This was an image about living and market conditions for people/ tenants!! :crazy_face::grimacing:

Oh dear one of those blogs, the legislation coming in will still allow ll to ban pets. Thank goodness.

Want a pet , buy your own place because as landlords this is what we have to put up with, even the skirting boards had to be removed as they where saturated with dog pee as were some of the kitchen units and all the base unit kick boards.

So run along with your discriminatory comments to buy your own pad and leave property management to those who know how to.

Total damages and losses £20’000, thats discriminatory to LL who cannot get redress


A question for you.
We had a tenant with a cat. The cat urinated throughout the house for a year. As a result the house smelt like a urinal. The tenant moved out. It cost over ÂŁ1600 to replace carpets and clean the floorboards. The tenant refused to pay for this work.
Do you think the tenant or the landlord should pay for the damage caused by the tenant’s cat?


Jazzy, we’re all interested in your opinion on the landlord experiences shown??

@Mark10 Mark and @Peter71 (part 1)

@Brian7 I am genuinely sorry about the state of your place made by your last tenant.
Unfortunately, pets come with people… Animals behave better in their own world without people (versus being pets) :thinking:

I have seen places destroyed too by people only, horrendous. Anyone’s property should be respected and cared for. I guess this is how I am but there are exceptions I would say, rather than generalising that everyone or every pet is a disaster.

Would you ban people? (sounds ridiculous right? ) children? elderly? races? disabilities? etc.
For many, pets are as important as people. And even more in this country but with so many pet owners I just don´t understand it.

My point is that there should be PREVENTION through thorough screening, “insurance”, clauses & conditions in contracts.
and CONSEQUENCES plus guarantees if something has been done, etc. by drawing specific contracts accessible to all.
This is how it works in other places and it can go as far as making it as complex as one wants.
The laws are not good enough, insurance inadequate, etc.
We can blame many but at least in this “democratic” country people can still (to a certain point) be part of making changes and making people think, putting pressure on powerful people/organizations to take action: petitions, demonstrations, exposure, denunciation, etc.

The other day I saw in the news that the UK has officially declared that they were out of the “crisis and on the recovery path.” makes me question many things…
The housing market collapsed along with the government for many reasons (I won´t go into them here as some are controversial and complicated) but for some, it is $$$ :moneybag:and for others, :poop:.
Buying property has become so difficult and exclusive that many want to rent now.
Property developers and estate agents pop everywhere like mushrooms, too many “cowboy landlords” (or nouveau landlords however you see it) thinking they can rent anything to anyone.
Some because of desperation, others because of greed.

In more than one country, the government has taken precautions against Airbnb which has gone from being innovative to rapacious. People rented anything at any price, making it impossible for locals to find long-term accommodation (I have been in this situation) as these “landlords” saw that renting short-term to “tourists” just for a few months a year would make them a fortune, which destroyed the hospitality market along the way. Places were rare to find and so expensive for long-term tenants that governments introduced a renting cap, and some outright banned it or taxed it heavily to prevent this.

I am not a specialist, nor powerful but having lived around the world, being in the travel and hospitality business, an animal and people carer, having been both a tenant and a landlord, and having helped friends “Airbnb-ed” their place (which I now refuse to use) I DO see both sides and much more…
I am just passionate about this subject (and not only pets but also the above) sorry for the long reply.

@Mark10 @Peter71 @Brian7
(part 2)
Back to pets,
To make this market more serious and attract responsible and serious tenants and landlords
I do think there are ways but banning pets is not the right one. As I mentioned before I do think it should be the law not to ban anyone (human or else). This is why I mentioned that it should be illegal because we are putting everyone in the same bag - and with people come kids, pets, etc. There should be at least a CHANCE and not an automatic NO.
There is a saying "Pets are the reflection of their owners… "

There are nightmare tenants but also nightmare landlords.
And this is why I always ASK a lot of questions, to make sure… but of course, we can end up in
a nightmare place as a tenant, and have a nightmare tenant as a landlord.
Call me old school but this is how I see and do things and for me human-to-human/ face-to-face (and communication are the most important aspects of any good landlord-tenant relationship.

Anyway, at this moment in time, my case is quite complicated, not only because I have an elderly well-behaved cat who mainly sleeps and eats and talks a lot (like I write a lot!) - and pees in the right place!- but also because I have to move as the person I live with has very serious lung problems and the cat is making it worse- However it doesn´t justify giving her away which would most probably be the same as putting her down :cry:
Now I find myself looking for a long-term decent place, reasonably sized and priced, away from London and cities, noise, traffic, technology, and pollution but a peaceful and quiet place, closer to humans, real shops, nature, and animals. Not even near friends or family but anywhere (!) in England. Still, it has proven to be like hell. So much so that I am thinking of leaving the UK altogether.

@Mark10 @Peter71 @Brian7
(part 3) this is exhausting! tried to post all in one but didn´t work so had to split sorry

The experience of looking with estate agents, their many fees and commissions, asking ridiculous amounts to be paid in advance because of my circumstances, “booked out” viewings, too many “applications.” etc. or the place (even the grimmest !) has been snatched already at a ridiculous price.
When I discovered Open Rent, I became a little bit more hopeful.

PS : Having lived and travelled in many places around the world, I don´t use the name of specific countries/ places as there are too many examples.
Sorry for the long message and repetitions, thanks for reading.
Not responding any further, it is more stressful than helpful.
I hope at least I made some of you think, wishing you all, the best.

And on and on, and on

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I am a landlord and a pet owner and yet I do not want tenants with pets. Why because I am prepared to repair all the damage my pet might cause in the house but some tenants are not! Deposit is limited so bad tenant will not pay last months rent and walk off! Believe or not I once allowed fish tank - you might laugh - and ended up with damaged wooden floor (water damage) . And Tenant walked off with hands in their pocket…