Illegal to ban pets

Spoken like a true Tenant- I spent £1500 because of selfish dog owners, b come a Landlord and get your eyes opened.

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All very lovely and theoretical in the perfect world, but when the tenants ignore the conditions wreck the place have no money pets pay everywhere or destroy the place. It doesn’t matter what rules or regulations you put in place. The end factors we can prosecute people we can’t prosecute pets

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Thanks all for the info & opinions and for those who listened. I hope that at least I made you think, I was just looking for a bit of humanity I guess…

Reading and posting here made me decide, for my own sanity and a little more sunshine (in and out),
to leave the country for a better lifestyle to a place where I can rent and buy too!

“That’s all folks👋
Best wishes and good luck to you all
Over and out

Well Mr Jazzy or should I address you as Mr Entitled. Allow me to educate you on a few “pet issues”
Tenants do not own the property they live in and in order to secure a tenancy they must agree to abide by the rules specified by the property owner. You cannot regulate over something you DONT own.
If you want an army of animals then I suggest you invest in your own property that will provide you with the liberty of making your own choices of who lives in it!
Tenants banging on about “I can’t wait for pets in let’s to become law” don’t realise it won’t change anything as Landlords will give preference to applicants without pets and, where circumstance prevent them requesting pets.
As my Landlord Colleagues have already explained to you in this topic and countless times previously to other tenants, just some of the issues preventing your mission are
We are restricted on the amount
of deposit we are able to request. Which means the Landlord is at risk should any damage happen.
As one tenant leaves a pet occupied property and another applies there is the question of Pet Allergies.
Then there’s always the question of people who can’t be bothered to walk the animal and choose to transform the garden area into a pet loo.
The list of negativity against Pets in Let’s is exhaustingly long and without plausible solution. I would suggest you cease your Pet Mission as it’s a lost cause, the majority of Landlords will never bite the bullet or should I say bone


As usual Geoff, this will fall on deaf ears. How many times have we replied on this subject ? Countless… But Mr Jazzy said he is leaving the country so at least that will be one more rental on the market. (However I am just selling 2 flats , hopefully not to a landlord)

Hi Collin, good morning. Yes your quite right, it’s apparent the government proposals are merely a ploy to get tenant votes at the Landlords expense.
And needless to say each time legislation appears just accelerates the exodus of many properties from the sector. It will be interesting to see what happens following the election

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You say greedy, I sorry but you obviously have not cared to calculate the costs of renting a property.
If you are lazy in that regard you are lazy in all your thinking.

Simply put I had one pet owner in a 2 bedroom flat, she had a rabbit that she left to roam and be ‘free’.

I could not get rid of the smell and had to change all the carpets. What do you think was the cost? Did it cover the deposit?

You talk about fairness, really! I do not think pets should be left in flats all day long. It’s not fair to the pets nor the owners who have to rectify the mess.


You should thank the virtue signalling politicians who have banned the pet deposits for this “no pets” situation. Something that was ALLEGEDLY supposed to protect the pet owners made their lives much more difficult.
It’s exactly the same as the introduction of rent cap in Scotland ended up causing the Scottish rents to increase at a much quicker rate than elsewhere in the UK.
But hey, both these legislation pieces sound so kind and humane - a great vote gainer - so who cares what they REALLY cause?

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As a Landlord invests a lot of money into their properties it should always be the Landlords call whether they want pets in their properties. I recently evicted a women who not only didn’t pay her rent for 6 months was told she couldn’t have a dog in the flat but went ahead and got one an anyway. The whole flat had to be re carpeted as stains were in every room. The flat had no outside space and she obviously couldn’t be bothered to take the dog outside to do its business. That’s why it has to be our call.