Increase rents heating costs

Is it reasonable to increase lodgers rental payments to cover the cost of rising fuel costs

Absolutely yes, without a doubt

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Tenants pay the rent on the property to the landlord. Utilities like gas, electric, council tax and telephone are surely the responsibility of the tenant. So why if the gas and electric go up does the tenant not only have to find the extra money to pay for these, do they then have to pay the landlord extra too?

Sorry, but are you talking about lodgers living under the same roof as you, or you the landlord of a privately rented propery that is not a house of multiple occupancy

This is for a lodger rather than a renter, so the utilities would be included in the rent in this case. I think it is reasonable to increase the lodger’s rent to take into account increase cost of utilities.

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Lodgers and tenants of a HMO typically have utilities payed for by landlord, not their own accounts.

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Landords should take into account if they pay utilities this is tax deductible that should be taken into account when increasing rent

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Doesn’t make a difference to the cost that it is tax deductible because the extra income is taxable too.

So, your energy bills go up by, say, £100. Yes, you save tax on that £100, so it costs you £80 (for a basic rate tax payer). But if you increase rent by £100 to compensate, you also pay tax on that, leaving you with £80.

If you only increase the rent by £80, you’d then only have £64 towards your extra cost.


Obviously not. Tenant’s pay their own usage of gas and electric whichnis going to be extremely high like yours. So why should you feel we should pay more rent to cover YOUR usage of YOUR electricity? My traveller landlord did exactly that and now my rent went up £100 plus my electricity cards for my metter arecat 45% so £10.00 lasts only one day compared to it lasting a week. I can’t afford to eat let along heat my dame mobile home. Its landlords like these that only think of themselves and not others. Be grateful your getting the rent so far. Don’t put your tenants in a position they CAN’T EVEN LIVE. How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of your up the rent idea to help YOUR electricity and Gas bills. Thats just being GREEDY Sir.

Totally disagree. Precisely that has happened to me and i can’t afford to eat heat my mobile home. While my landlord sits pritty. No No its not fair on us Tenants.

If the utilities are included in the rent, and you are a landlord, you cannot raise the rent within a year of the last rent increase, or start of contract, and then only if it is allowed as part of your tenancy agreement, and if not allowed, then you need to use a special Notice form to do so.

If you are referring to a lodger, where the lodger lives with you then that is by negotiation.

We are talking about a lodger here. Lodgers do not pay for their own usage of energy, it’s included in rent. Read the thread!!

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