Middle-men / agents using your Open Rent Ad?

Hi Community, has anyone else been contacted by “Dorian S”? He left me a message saying he’d like a call. He then berated Open Rent platform and pushed to find me Tennant for a 5% cut…

Open Rent should really moderate this user.

I think there is a report button to report them to Openrent.

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a lot of “prospective tenants” wanting to see property are in fact operating as agents. not much you can do about it until the real tenant appears eventually.

Hi @Josshua

We are really sorry to hear that you’ve been receiving unwanted enquiries.

OpenRent has a number of checks in place to help prevent our platform being misused. However, I’m afraid that sometimes someone may still be able to enquire about a property. If you do get unwanted enquiries please use the “report enquiry” button on the screen so that we can look into the issue further.

Somebody else has mentioned / complained about Dorian S in another post I’ve read this morning.

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