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I’ve updated the post to include a link to the listing.

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Hi I’m Susan nice to meet you I hope you will be able to help me I’m looking for a one bed flat to rent back in Leicester as my partner sadly past away and I really need to be back near my children as they will be able to see me as and when they won’t I’m on long term sick my benefits are high rate pip and high rate ESA could you please let me now thank you so much Susan.

Hi @Susan2

We’ve had a similar question about renting, and I’ve answered this here:


Do you except housing benefit could you please let me now thank you so much Susan.

Hi All,
I’m Zeferina, a parent looking for an affordable place around Curry Mile, Manchester. The place is for my daughter and friends who is studying in U of Manchester, for 2019/2020 session.

Hi Zeferina,

Welcome! Sam has provided some handy info on how to find your ideal property on OpenRent:

Best of luck with the search :grinning:

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I don’t live in the UK and I am looking to move to Kidderminster with my husband. Any advice? Can I find a place that doesn’t require reference? Thank you

Hi Diana,

The majority of landlords will want to perform referencing checks on their tenants, so it could be quite hard to find a landlord who doesn’t.

As I’m sure you know, you can find all properties in Kidderminster here.

It’s possible to message landlords to ask if they require you and your husband to be referenced, but it would be unusual for them not to want to do this.

It’s important to note, however, that you can still let a property even if you fail referencing, so I would recommend applying to properties in the normal way, and then seeing how referencing goes.

We’ve made a guide on how landlords can let to tenants who fail referencing here, and this does happen very often.

Best of luck with your move!

Hi everyone… I’m needing some advice please… I have a rogue landlord who will not fix or repair anything… my main issue is that there are cracked pipes in the field and caused problems with the waste water from the bath and toilet… I had been reporting this to both landlords for 2years… I had been having to manually remove Human excrement and toilet paper from the drain and from the back of the house and the side of the house where it all had been running down onto the front garden… could anyone advise on what legal action I could take? Many thanks Scott

Hello my name is jess, thanks for adding me, I’m a tenant looking for a house to rent in frinton on sea . Was just wondering really if I go through a letting agent how can I be sure that they are letting landlords choose a tenant or even passing on information that might help a landlord decide on who should be considered ?

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Hi Jess, To be honest, you can’t tell.

Part of what a high street letting agent does is ‘screen’ or ‘filter’ tenant enquiries based on their judgement of what their client, the landlord, wants.

But if the letting agent is also going to be managing the property, then they will obviously just pick tenants that they think will be easy to manage.

But those tenants aren’t always the best tenants. Landlords want tenants who will take an active role in keeping the property in good repair, not tenants who put with defects and don’t report them. Not reporting things like leaks or mould can mean big repair costs later.

We think it’s best for landlords to have a direct relationship with their tenants, and we facilitate that wherever we can.

Thankyou, I dont suppose you would happen to know if there are any landlords from frinton on sea on open rent ?

Hi, Sure, you can just search for Frinton here.

Hi Everybody.
I am James. First of all sorry that my ID has come up as jxq83; it seems to have been created for me and I would like to change it to something more human, if the forum can advise me how.
I’m only a small time landlord, investing a bit of money on a couple of buy to let’s, so I’m hoping we could share views, ideas experiences etc and not to forget, decent practice, as most of our tenants are probably those who cannot yet get on the property ladder.
Well… I guess that’s all that might be interesting that I could say about myself as a landlord. I do hope we get on well.
James Q.

Hi James, I’ve just changed your username to James_Q! Hope that’s ok. Otherwise you can just click on your profile, go to Preferences and change it yourself.


Hello Sam. My name is Lawrence and I will arrive to the UK on the 23th of October with my girlfriend. We are looking to rent a studio or something similer in Luton. Can you please help me with that? Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a great day.

Hey! Just search for luton on and you’ll see everything we have there.

Ask your local water authority to investigate the cause and ownership of the field leak so that you can approach those actually responsible for maintaining the split / broken pipe. It may well be the water authority itself. They will need your address. The details will be found on your water bill or via web search or ask your local Council - ever their environmental agency may be able to help or advise you.
In my case, I identified a blockage in an alleyway by buying long rods to try and clear a blockage. The water authority was responsible for the alleyway so they clear it every third year or so when I inform them of the blockage. However, the pipes in my property are my responsibility to repair, and my neighbour needs to repair their buried pipes!

Thanks Sam!

I moved back to the UK in July after living overseas for a number of years and had some difficulty with no credit rating so my dad became my guarantor, and I rented directly with a landlord. My husband still lives and works outside of the UK & pays the rent every month, however 2 months ago the intermediary bank had a glitch which delayed paying the rent by 2 days. My landlord was quite unhappy & advised we would need to pay late payment fees if it happened again. Sadly last month there was a delay in processing the payment of rent because of the bank holiday & it was paid again 2 days late. Even though on both occasions, it was through no fault of ours, my landlord has advised if it happens again he will evict us & has demanded we pay a late payment fee of £50. I’ve looked through my rental agreement & there’s no provision made for late payments but he says we had agreed it verbally when signing the tenancy agreement.
My dad doesn’t think I should pay any fees if it’s not in my tenancy agreement. I would really appreciate any advice anyone is able to offer.

I am a landlord I woudnt dream of a penalty for 2 days late

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