Inventory Template Word or Excel Format

Hi There,
Does anyone have access to a excel/word inventory list set out by openrent.
I currently have the PDF version but I would like to be able to edit it.

This would be a great help rather than starting from scratch.

just out of curiosity, is it the norm to have 2 identical inventory’s filled out when tenants move in so the landlord can keep one and tenant the other ?


Hi Peter, yes here it is!

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Thankyou Sam,

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Hi Guys,
I am new to this forum & have followed this post with interest. Now whilst I am a professional inventory clerk, I wonder how much protection you’ll get from an ‘Off the shelf’ inventory. In my experience, if you - the landlord - have done your own inventory, and the tenant disputed it at the end of the tenancy, and it went to arbitration (As so many do these days), the arbitrator would be inclined to throw it out & rule in favour of the tenant, sighting self-interest as the cause of the dispute. I would recommend that you get a reputable professional Inventory Company to do an inventory to give you the best chance at succeeding in any claim/dispute with the tenant at the end of the tenancy.
Please bear in mind that you get professional inventory companies & you get professional inventory companies, so do your research well.

I have always used a professional inventory. However I question the value of them. I handed over a property in immaculate condition to a tenant. At the end of the tenancy the property was handed back to me in a very dirty state, dirty windows, stains on the floor, filthy oven etc etc. I tried to claim the cost of rectifying this from the deposit but the DPS found in favour of the tenant. They said that the photographs used were not clear enough and did not pin point the exact issues that I was claiming for. To be honest if you do an inventory that both tenant and landlord sign and agree on at the start of the tenancy that should be good enough. I think the issue is untrustworthy landlords or tenants who will always take a chance to claim more money/try and get away without cleaning etc.

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I am of the same opinion you can never judge how a person lives.Ive had the same with My Deposits. The tenant did not leave my property clean and the cat scratched an area of the carpet pile. They said the photos were not clear. I did retain some of the deposit allowed by MD however not to the level of what the value of the catpet was and cost of cleaning. I have also used an agent to carry out an inventory since then and the tenant in question left the property in a reasonable state of repair with very little to do. Maybe the inventory made her realise she would lose money but who knows. Its all down to pure luck if you ask me and maybe instinct as well.
Good Luck

thats why I say no pets !

Yes I do make that request now however it is whether they stick to the boundaries of the tenancy agreement ! Some do ignore it !

This is why we need housing landlord/tenant courts. Speedier, specialists .More places are rented than ever before. That means more disputes. With a judge who is neither a tenant or a landlord.!

Other advice would be to buy a good camera or phone with at least a 12 mega pixel camera. Photos are now crystal clear so My Deposits cannot get round that one any more. Plus they seem to be more helpful to the Landlord these days. Think there might have been alot of complaints.

Yes would agree there. To find a good tenant these days is like finding a needle in a haystack although I have had in the past. Few and far between these days.