Inventory categories

Just wanted to know, after setting up quite a detailed inventory, thoughts on best descriptions to use regarding condition.
If walls, ceilings etc are in reasonable condition can i just put, good condition and if any obvious markings just make reference to them with photos.

It’s unfurnished property, however some items are brand new or fairly new eg bathrooms while doors and some paint work has acceptable wear and tear.

I wish i had used the OpenRent professional service now but fairly new to this, although template has helped, just been so time consuming.

Any ideas or experiences from landlords in this area appreciated.

yes, that should be fine, however importance is given for date stamping photos, and so the professional inventories make money doing it. no matter how detailed it is you will be surprised to see that most common problems are related to bathroom, kitchen and appliances, cleaning, refuse, leaving unwanted goods and nails on the walls. I don’t understand why renters need to stick and hit the nails all over.

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Would dates/times on Iphone photos be sufficient?

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