Is affordability check enough to get rent guarantee?

Does rent guarantee check other factors other than affordability?
I mean there can be a few different reasons to fail a reference checking. What if someone passes affordability but not others, will this be enough to get a rent guarantee insurance?

Failed referencing is failed referencing. I wouldn’t risk it.

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Tenants new to country with limited history will probably fail reference check. To qualify for rent insurance you will probably need a guarantor who passes


The lead tenant who is relatively new to the country just passed the reference check :slight_smile:

I use the NRLA Referencing Service and in their FAQs they quote that a person from overseas (who is not a student) can pass without the need of a guarantor if they have;

  1. Right to rent and work.
  2. A UK bank account that passes their validation checks.
  3. A permanent employment contract.

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