Single or joint tenancy fail ref check

Hi, I’ve got a father and son wanting to rent a property as joint tenants but the father has failed the affordability check as he’s retired but his son easily passes. Whats the best way to set up the agreement on the tenancy in this scenario?

Hi James, you can still let to tenants who fail referencing if you wish. Not passing referencing means the tenancy will not be eligible for rent guarantee insurance, however.

If you wish to be eligible, then you could find a guarantor for the father who can pass referencing. If you are worried about non-payment of rent, then you could ask for additional rent to be paid in advance.


If asking the additional rent and the tenant agreed, how to proceed this? That is, where does it say about the agreed upfront payment? Is it going to be added in the tenancy agreement or at other stage?

Hi Kai, if you email, then our team can help sort this out for you.