Is Landlord insurance needed before signing AST

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m a new accidental (stressed out) landlord and need some advice please.

I have found tenants, who have been referenced. (I know them personally too).
I have obtained an EPC, an EICR and Gas Certificates.
We’ve all agreed on everything and are ready to sign the OpenRent AST Agreement asap, though the tenants will move in at the end of August.

However, I read somewhere on this site, that OpenRent require a PAT certificate before allowing you to sign the AST.

I messaged OpenRent regarding this and also about Landlord Insurance. I received a vaguely worded reply that both (PAT & Building/Landlord Insurance) are required by OpenRent when using RentNow service.

I was previously planning on obtaining PAT and Landlord Insurance closer to the tenants move in date.
I’m temporarily staying at the property myself and it doesn’t make sense to waste 2 months of Landlord Insurance or PAT.

Can you good folks please shed some light on this.
When you guys proceed to the AST Agreement here, are you asked to confirm PAT and Landlord Insurance is in place?
Do you have to tick boxes or do you have to provide the reference number for them as well as for the EPC, EICR & Gas Certificates?

Hoping you folk can help me and thanking you all in advance.

Thank you.


You just tick a box and date it. Reference numbers etc are not requested.