Openrent contract asking for PAT testing but not the law

We have an EICR just done but it is not the law for PAT testing to be done but I am trying to do a new contract for a new tenant and the Open rent contract is saying I have to do tick the box:

Please confirm all legal disclaimers

Property has a valid PAT Certificate or all portable appliances have been checked by a competent person

The law is that Pat testing is a guideline. We only have a washing machine and a fridge which work fine. I am really annoyed that I can’t progress with the contract because I didn’t do a PAT test.

I think OpenRent should remove this clause.

take the washing machine and fridge out. Then you are not liable for anything or replacements

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It’s so annoying. I want to keep these there for the tenant. Open rent think it is a legal requirement to do a PAT test but it is not.

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did you supply the goods or where they left behind?

They know its not a legal requirement, but like most agents, they are now trying to cover themselves. Is this an automated system that won’t let you progress until you tick the box or can you just leave it blank? If the former then give Openrent a call about how you proceed if you don’t intend to get them PAT tested.

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These tests are reccomended to cover our backs . I dont supply white goods at all

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Hi David
Yes it is not allowing me to proceed until I tick the box to say I have had a PAT test.
This is what they sent me. I think it is a money making scheme - conveniently Open rent do PAT testing themselves.

PAT testing is not a legal requirement, though as mentioned as a landlord, it is your legal duty to ensure all electrical equipment in your property is safe and maintained throughout the whole tenancy. This responsibility covers light fixtures and plugs, as well as internal wiring.

From 1st July 2020 all landlords will need to ensure that they have a valid EICR (from within the last five years) in order to issue a new tenancy. From 1st April 2021 this will apply to all tenancies regardless of start date.

Industry best practice also recommends that landlords have an annual PAT of all appliances that they have provided.

You can order an EICR, and PAT, directly through OpenRent using the link below:

Please do let us know if we can help with anything else.

I understand that most regular Agents allow their landlords to sign a disclaimer if they don’t follow their recommendation on PAT testing. Check whether Openrent allow this and if not then sadly, you would either have to follow their requirements or not use them.


To be honest I just paid £65 for pat testing up to 10 items but I only had 3. At the end of the day it doesn’t break the bank and ensures everyone is safe.