Is this normal? Tenant enquiries

Hi, I have been advertising my flat for around 3 weeks now and out of 24 enquiries I’ve had 4 views, which haven’t gone anywhere.

There are occasions where a tenant will answer all my screening questions. I’ll agree to arrange a vieiwng and then I’ll just not hear back from them and often my message is left on unread.

I don’t understand why tenants would go through that effort and not a single one has the courtesy to just say they either found something else or are just not interested anymore.

Could there be a glitch with Openrent where they don’t know they have a message from me? Or is this just how it works?

I think its just the state and pace of the market. Many tenants are desperate and the niceties go out of the window.

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This is how it is. Today I have had a very keen sounding tenant make arrangements to view and…just didn’t turn up. Happens a fair amount.

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Yes I now try to book them all in within an hours time frame otherwise you can be hanging around.