Responding to viewing request

I have just listed my flat for rent and have had enquiries regarding viewings. I have responded to each enquiry however non of the enquiries seem to have read the messages and not got back to me. Is it a fault with my account or is it just them not responding? Thanks

How long has it been? some people take days to read and to reply. The messaging system is reliable.

Also it depends on what your actual enquiry was.

Hi. I listed it 4 days ago. I have used this site before to rent out my flat and was inundated with enquiries and got responses almost immediately. I just found it strange this time that I get a query but no response to my reply. I will persevere. Thank you for replying

thats does sound odd as its been so long, this ones for Openrent themselves

I can see 4 enquiries you’ve replied to:

  • 1 you’ve had a back and forth with
  • 1 you’ve said you will get back to after Easter
  • 1 where the tenant replied to say they’re no longer interested
  • 1 where the tenant hasn’t replied

All enquiries in the last 2 days.

There will be some tenants who withdraw interest after enquiring, some who are slow to respond, some who aren’t suitable, etc. Our aim is to provide you with tools to help with enquiry management. Do have a read of:

I also note you currently have a free advert, if you do want more enquiries / further reach do consider upgrading your advertising package.


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