Issue with phone number

Hello every one, I am interested by an accomodation in Guildford near to the train station, the tenant is Adline F, on the fahlan road, the issue is that I am French and I will come to England only in few weeks. In the open rent website I can contact her because they asked me for UK number. What can I do. Can someone give her my phone number (PERSONAL DETAILS REMOVED) and tell her to contact me via whatsapp.

I have attached to this message pictures of the accomodation in order to recognize the ad easier.

Thank you in advance :heartbeat:

Kind regards

Hi @Bilal3 -

Please don’t post personal data on this community, as it’s a public website.

In terms of contacting a landlord via OpenRent without registering your phone number, you can click “Message Landlord”, followed by “Click here to send a message without requesting a viewing”.

In any case, we’d advise waiting until you are in the UK and can attend viewings in the very near term. At the moment, properties are being let, on average, in 3-4 days. So it’s unlikely any properties will be suitable until you are in the UK and able to do viewings.

Good luck in your search!

Ok, but I wanted to contact her by the chat, but for this house I don’t have the option. What can I do to contact her.

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