How to contact Openrent

Have been a happy landlord until now… then in two days a flurry of 6 emails that essentially summarised as “we have booked you a gas safety check and confirmed it for 1st Nov, and charged you”. Except they had not confirmed a thing - with me or the tenant. Messages to the ‘chat’ within the booking go unanswered, and the profile of the selected gas engineer is a first name and (upside down?!) picture -so no way to contact direct. I dont’ want the tenant messed around, and I certainly don’t want to pay fees for missed ‘appointments’. A message on the Openrent ‘Help’ chat similarly has gone unanswered. Anyone have a proper email address or phone number ?

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Hi. Am having the same problem. I’m a prospective tenant and h as ve found 3 suitable properties. I cant find any contact email or phone number for them…

I know this is no help to you but if u find out how to contact them PLEASE let me know. Ta