It an EICR lottery!

It’s apparent that getting an EICR cert done is a complete lottery. Ask 2 electricians to test and get 2 vastly varying outcomes.

Anyone experience this?

Some sparkies seem to be over the top anal, others take a more pragmatic approach.

I want safe but without unnecessary costs.

The fat bloke at the top of the standards tree keeps moving the goal posts to justify his £200k a year!! Good for sparkies as keeps the work cycle, bad for landlords and tenants who foot the bill.


keep getting estimates

The issue though is in order to get an estimate an EICR needs doing which depending on who you ask, the results vary. Each one is costly

I found an electrician who gave reccomendations which I completed and he gave a certificate as he knew I was competant. (but not according to the act!). Then knowing what was required I checked all my properties and got instant passes… and cert s Having a building background is a big help A good guide to charges is to ask how much they would charge for an 8 way split consumer unit. Then choose the cheapest. (wether you need a new unit or not )

If you are anywhere near Bury (Lancs) let me know and I will send you a number of an electrician who completed several properties for me and was very thorough and reasonable.

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Yes, it is a bit of a lottery and the sparky is not obliged to give you a full 5-year certificate even with no C1, C2 or FI codes. Some believe that you need a new EICR every time you get a new tenant - false. Contacted NICEIC last April about issues dealing with registered sparks and EICR regs. They were very little help.

Yup. Happened to me too this year, and no other electrician would do the work I allegedly needed. They all insisted I needed the rogue the landlord shop sent me from Leeds