Landlord Address Change for Tenancy Agreement

As a landlord, if moved to a different property during the existing tenancy how it should be reflected and captured legally on the running agreement with the tenant? Need to issue a new tenancy agreement with the updated address? Need some advice.

Suggestion: give them a written Notice that the landlord contact details has changed for any formal notices they may wish to give to you, providing your new contact details. Do the same with your tenancy deposit provider.

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What are the circumstances? If this is a permanent move to a different address then yes, the current tenancy needs to end and a new one created. They would need to sign a surrender of the existing tenancy when they leave the premises.

Interesting how David122 and I interpreted your question:

  • I assumed the landlord was changing their address
  • David assumed the tenant was changing address, presumably from one place you own to another place you own.
    I think you have your answer, whichever way it was intended.
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On re-reading the OPs question I think your interpretation was correct @John45
Please ignore my post if this is the case @Mohan2

Yes, John’s understanding was right. It is a Landlord address change.

I have used the Section 48 template letter online and have sent it to the Tenant via email which was acknowledged too. Thanks, John for reminding me to update the Deposit scheme which I did as well.

“Notification by landlord of address for service of notices.
Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 section 48”

All is sorted now. Thanks for both of your time.

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