Landlord address changes. How to amend STA?

Dear Fellow Landlords,
FACT: I just moved home, so my tenant agreement states my old address on it.

QUESTION: How does this legally impact my ability to send notices (if needed) to my tenants?

NOTE: I understand that change of agreement are covered by section 13 but my issue is only in relation to change of address. However I also aware that the wrong landlord address my legally effect power to recover credits or issues notices.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Dom,

You need to send them a Section 48 notice. If you have agreed that you can serve notices by email, you can send them it that way, otherwise it has to be posted and you should ask for receipt or use a proof of posting. You can find form online but I use this in the email:


We, THE LANDLORD; hereby give you, TENANT; notice that until further notice from us, our address for service by you on us is:


Date: DATE

(Signed): LANDLORD


Hi Tony,
very helpfully advice.
Thanks lot

Hi Tony,

I have a similar question and was wondering if you could help me out here. As a landlord, my surname is changing (not due to marriage but some silly personal reason) on the property register - it’s literally just one letter added. Can I aslo send my tenants section 48, instead of initiating a new contract?

Just making things a bit more complicated, I might add my husband’s name to the property register, too. Can this also be noticed to the tenant using section 48?

Many thanks,

You can use a section 48 notice for both these changes too. Just ensure you serve the notice in the manner your tenancy agreements says will be used and that you use the correct form of words.

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Just for information, adding your husbands name as a landlord wouldnt change the tax position. That would have to be dealt with separately if required.

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Hi David thank you for your comment. I just started looking at my tax return yesterday and this is a good point. I suppose me and my husband both need to file tax returns now for the rental income - but we should do it separately, is this correct? Thank you again!

Thank you for letting me know Tony! I’m actually also moving abroad and hence will start using a high street agency for fully managed service. I suppose new contracts between me and agency & between agency and tenants cannot be avoided in the end…

Yes, you will need to file separately.

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