New land loard and AST

I bought an apartment and tenant in situ with AST. Assure short term tenancy agreement will be finish on 31st of October 2021. I want to do self-management or engage a new letting agent. Given notice to the current letting agent of my intentions and they agree. AST is still on with the previous owner. Do I need to make amendments to the owner’s name and put my name on the AST agreement? Is it necessary or I can keep the current AST with the previous owner’s name on it. Please help with your experience.

You need to serve a section 48/section 3 notice of change of landlord. You cant alter an existing contract in that way but you will “step into the shoes” of the existing landlord.

If you are thinking that you might self-manage at some point, then I suggest you undertake some extensive training before you do or you could lose a huge amount of money