Landlord bank accounts

Can anyone recommend a good bank account whereby I can have different accounts per each property where I can make payments?
I have internet accounts but find it complex transferring funds around make payments and withdrawals.

I think that would het very complicated when you need to do tax returns. Better in my view to record the psyments separately on a spreadsheet, but pay into one account.

I use just Starling , Brilliant bank


Is that a regular current account ?
Thank you

That’s exactly what I do, using Bank of Scotland. You’ll have to go through the normal bureaucratic process of opening the first account, but then opening subsequent accounts is just a few clicks. You can even name them with the address of the property.

Thank you . I will look into that .

Hi @Elizabeth36 -

Next time you rent your property it might be worth considering our rent collection service. We’ll create a dedicated account for your tenancy, track payments, automatically notify yourself and the tenants about arrears - then all your rent payments can land into a single bank account you own without having to give anyone your private account details. No transferring of funds or manual management needed!

Thought I’d mention it in case you hadn’t come across the service yet.

Thank you for the advise

Thank you for the advice

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