Landlord billing tenant for work without warning after it has been completed

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So I’ve had some work done by my landlord since moving to my flat, including issues involving internal doors, the toilet and taps. These were not caused in any way by me as a tenant, and generally were pre-existing issues from before I moved in that gradually got worse over time. My landlord commissioned this work, but has now told us that we are responsible for paying for it, either in cash or out of our deposit. We feel this is unjust, but are others aware of the specific laws we can use to prove this, and highlight that work carried out by a landlord cannot retrospectively be billed the the tenant?

this is rubbish you do not have to pay any of this. This is repair work that the landlord should pay for

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Just say you cant afford to pay now and when you leave you can just decline to allow the deposit to be used. Landlord is being silly.

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