Landlord does not repair broken windor (please help)

Hi all,

We moved into the current property 6 months ago. The window of the apartment was cracked (and there is a hole) when we came for the viewing. The landlord told us it will be fixed by the time we moved in.
However, It has not been fixed yet after 6 months. And the landlord keeps telling us that he is looking for someone to repair it but then disappear or find excuses (e.g. coronavirus) for not fixing the window.
We also had an inventory check before moving in so it is clear that the landlord has responsibility on it.
What should we do to force him to fix the window?
Thank you very much in advance for your advice!


I don’t know. If he agreed to the repair in writing, say on the inventory report or by email, then a solicitor can advise you. If it is in writing, preferably but not necessarilly as it was an oral contract and that is valid, tongue in cheek because I don’t think it applies, you can then write to the landlord saying he has failed to render the service as required by the consumer rights act (title not to hand) and therefore he has failed to satisfy his contract with you and is liable not only for the repair but consequential costs of stress and increased energy bills. That may get him to act!

In the meantime, while the glue is a bind to get off, you can create a temporary double glaze job to reduce draft: go to a hardware store and buy clear plastic film the size of the window frame and double sided tape to go on the frame and use it as the internal ‘glass’ layer, the existing glass being the outside of your make-shift double glazing unit. I used this with a very young child in the house with no breakage of the film and it saved an enormous amount in fuel bills. At the time, 20 years ago, it was a double glazing product for use on existing windows. It may still be on the market.

Ask him if its OK for you to get it fixed and deduct the cost from the rent

I am not defending your Landlord but there is a delay in glass manufacturing because of the pandemic ( I have an eight month wait for windows from my fitter)
There are not as many staff on production lines etc

If no luck speak to the council. Environmental health will mandate it but do be patient

I had 2 new double glazed units fitted in one of my houses in January. The fitter didn’t mention any glass shortages and had no problems getting the units, so I smell some BS somewhere!!

My supplier does large contract work for the LA so I get a good rate. At the moment I am in the queue behind the LA. I’ll wait. I’ve used them for years.