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just seen news item that 25 people are chasing each letting . did not realise it was that bad… The way I see is because Councils sold off 1000 s of council housing in thatcher era onwards. Landlords are fed up with vitriol to them. Older landlords have had enough and selling to other than landlords . Extra tax when a landlord buys a property… Too long to evict a bad tenant. Housing benefit paid to the tenant not the landlord .


We say ‘no children’ on our advert because in our opinion the flat is not suitable for them, despite being two bedroom. The second bedroom is quite small and only suitable for one person.

Having said that, our present tenants moved in as a couple. After a year, we were asked if we could meet them ‘for a discussion’. It turned out they were expecting and wondered if they would have to leave the flat. We said they could stay if they wished. They are good tenants, look after the flat and pay their rent on time and in full.

Having said that, if we were to rent the flat out again (we probably won’t), then we would still say ‘no children’. We knew these tenants already and, as good tenants, we didn’t want to lose them, but a new tenant with a family would be a wholly different case.


Thank you for sharing your input.

I can understand a flat not being right for children; that seems fair.

Very good point. It is hard enough getting TT out without kids. As someone else has said, the LL has the right to choose who he/she has in their property, without interference from anyone!


good reasoning there A good tenant is worth it to a landlord. I would do exactly what you have done . They sound like very respectful tenants

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Could you, by chance, tell me where I might be able to read that particular news piece?

25 almost sounds low to me, based on what we’ve seen at some of the block viewings we’ve been to recently.

It was on the BBc news page on the internet . Thi would mean there are highs and lows arouns this of course

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I remember when I stated the same another time, I got a single mother up my throat, accusing me of discrimination, threatening me and saying that she screenshoted my post and is going to report me.

As you can see, I’m still here and glad to know that families with children are not a protected group. Generally, if somebody starts throwing “discrimination” word around, they’re sent packing. I have very short patience with it being abused so much. And I hate that it demotes a real discrimination to some trivia.
I hope, though, that the OP will find a lovely home and a good LL. It’s not much to ask for.


Thank you, Tim! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:

I can’t begin to imagine the amount of patience required to be a landlord, and struggle to even wrap my head around some of what I’ve read here. I genuinely cannot even fathom the levels of entitlement, dishonesty and abuse of the systems and people involved. Yikes!

You need to take great care in this area. Quite apart from the indirect discrimination I mentioned, which can and has been used by tenants, there may be grounds for a harassment claim or a case under the Human Rights Act, (right to family life) if you try to remove a tenant solely because they now have children without good cause. Its also worth mentioning that pregnancy is a protected characteristic, so rejecting an applicant because they are expecting a baby is illegal.

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Are pregnant men protected Group ( I am guessing not)

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If they’re not, they should be. Pregnant men are such rare species. It only happens when a person with the womb identifies themselves as a man. And then they get pregnant. Usually man to man action does not result in pregnancy, but in this case it certainly can do.

Up to a landlord if he would like a family or not


Many years ago I refused a Muslim family on the grounds of ability to pay.

Following week I had a call from a woman belonging to the equality commission saying I had committed racism etc !anyway didn’t hear a lot apart from a letter outlining the call and forgot about it until I had a notification to appear at a magistrates court in Bristol!

I explained my side of things and I took a tenant who was a Indian muslin with me a a reference and had all the paperwork etc !

I explained the proportion of tenants I have to their beliefs and race and magistrate was surprised it was a good figure and not white dominated.

Within 1/2hr it was thrown out and costs of £132.47p awarded to me !


As a landlord I only object to children in my flats since I own them all in the block and have a responsibility to the other tenants in respect to their peaceful enjoyment.

Houses I have no such restrictions, but I expect the tenants to control their children and / or make good any damage. As for disturbance of neighbours, that’s down to the Council, after all we pay enough council tax for their services.

I should point out that I agree with David and do, in fact, have a tenant in this situation who did notify us beforehand and ask permission. The particular flat had its own ground floor access so no kids running around the communal hallways and staircase. Reasonable compromise is the name of the game…!

Thank you for reminder. But really sad that you, a defendant, had to disprove the accusation. Usually it’s a defendant’s responsibility. Or am I missing something?

Jason well done for following thru on this Never had the race card thrown at me but a good victory

Personally because I have one house that was my home and never know when I’ll want it back I’m reluctant to put children through being asked to move out. I feel like families deserve more security and especially children so I’d rather not offer something that doesn’t give long term security.

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I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. That’s genuinely commendable, and it’s comforting to hear someone say that. Thank you for sharing!

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