Tenant lost keys

1 of my tenants advised theyd lost their keys and could they have a new set on their return. I said yes to let me know when. so they asked for this saturday and could i meet them there. I said i would drop the keys there during the week and someone else in the house can let them in on saturday or they can pick them up from me. Theyve replied saying they dont know if anyone will be there on saturday and can I meet them there. bearing in mind i am on a road she has to pass, she lives with her friends at the house what would you say? :wink:

“you lost them , you come and get them”

yes, that is what im thinking.
i cannot work out if these people are just dumb or trying it on, i suspect the former.

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You can charge for key cutting but i cant remember if that has to be documented in contract in order to do so (unamused:)

Although you can charge for replacement keys at cost, I don’t think you can charge for you time/travel costs in getting to the property, (which if it were in a different town can be significant). With this in mind I think most landlords are telling their tenants to come and fetch them.

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If the keys are lost they should get the locksmith to replace the new and then should give a set of new keys.


I had a tenant who locked himself out of a flat, I live 55 miles away . He paid me £40 to use my set. Another locked herself out twice, the 2nd time I said I would not come along till after the weekend , she never locked herself out again !!

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