Need advice on situation

I have been renting a room for around 5 months, the room is furnished , although once i came to sign the agreement i requested an armchair to be taken out as it was occupying too much space , the landlord agreed , and started ro make plans. But then stopped and never went rough with it , after being requested to remove the armchair multiple times , today yhey exlaimed that them agreeing to remove furniture was " a nice gesture" and that “most landlords dont do it”

Im considering witholding a small almpunt of rent untill the aforementioned furniture is removed as i think it is unfair of the lanflord to refuse after agreeing to do it ,

What are my other options?

never stop paying rent or this situation will escalate., Can you put it in a common area or hallway?

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I could try it might proove tricky since the house is a little narrow. Itself but that does sound as a good option

It is illegal for a tenant to withhold rent for any reason and is grounds for an eviction

The landlord doesnt have to remove the armchair unless your contract says that it must be removed. You signed up for the property as seen, with everything on the inventory. The response from most landlords would be sorry, but I dont have anywhere to store it so if you don’t want it, you will have to pay for its safe storage for the duration of the tenancy.

Then qhy would they agree in the first place , and continue to agree for 4 months straight ?

So,unless you have proof that he has agreed to it you can, legally, not do anything about it.

Do not withhold rent.

Also, it might sound like a good idea to put it in the hallway, however, if it’s on your inventory list and is stolen or damaged you’ll have to pay for it.

I would suggest talking to the landlord and say that you took the room contingent on the chair being removed. If he doesn’t honour the agreement you’ll give notice.

Okay , ill definetely look into it thank you