Landlord requirements

Dear All,

Would you kindly confirm that these are the current requirements for landlords to follow.

EPC — Every 5 years or before any new tenancy

Gas safety certificate – Every 12 Months

EICR-PAT Certificate— Every 5 years

Legionella assessment----- New tenancy or if the house is vacant

Smoke alarms—Should be tested at the start of each tenancy and it should be stressed upon tenants to test the smoke alarms weekly or monthly

Provide a how-to-rent leaflet.

Thank you

The mandatory requirements are

  1. EPC every 10 years
  2. Gas Safety Cert every 12 months
  3. EICR every 5 years. PAT testing is not mandatory although this may be different for properties that are HMOs or in a Selective Licence area.
  4. Legionella is not mandatory although this may be different for HMOs or properties in a Selective Licence area.
  5. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms fitted.
  6. Protect the deposit in a government scheme and serve the prescribed info within 30 days of receiving the deposit.
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