What to do when new tenants move in

Hi - I am a first time landlord. My tenants will move out next month and I would like to rent my property again after they leave.

I think I know what I need to do, but I just want to double check as there seems to be some contradictory advice:

  1. the gas safety needs to be done again, as this is annual irrespective of whether the tenants stay or go

  2. the electrical inspection does not need to be done again for another 4 years (I did it last year and carried out all repairs)

  3. smoke detectors etc. need to be checked again

  4. no need for a EPC certificate as this is valid 10 years

  5. when taking on new tenants, I will use Open Rent and let them deal with tenancy agreements/ deposits / references etc.

is there anything that i am overlooking ?

thank you


Gas cert is as you say.

Make sure the EICR specifies a 5 year interval as some Electricians have been specifying at change of tenant.

You need to do Right to Rent checks and also possibly register with ICO regarding keeping their personal data safe.