Landlord shoddy repairs

Was speaking with enviromental health over my landlords handyman not showing to fix smoke alarm and windows. Landlord had text would do the repairs himself. Environmental health agreed with me to give him a chance. Today he fixed smoke alarm ok, but he just banged on the two loose windows and said they were fixed. I inspected when he left, bottom window had the same gap on top left. Top window was closed over but when we opened it and tried to close it again the big gap was back. We text Landlord job wasnt done right and that he needed to get a handyman to fix it. He text back that there was no gaps on the window and he wouldn’t be getting a handyman

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Would it be worrh videoing yourselbes ooening and closing said window and whattsapping it to the landlord (shows that there is a gap and he cant say its the way you are operating window as he can see you open it on vid) also take pics of the gaps and use a tapemeasure or something with scale to show the size of the gaps forward it to him but save them yourself (along with his replies) should you need to take it further thats my opinion however I am.NOT a LL maybe some of the Experienced LL on here will have better advice


Are these wooden sliding sash windows?

Go back to Environmental Health

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Plastic sliding windows with two handles on the right.

Environmental health officer came on Thursday to property and took pictures of the two windows with her fingers being able to fit in the gaps, so landlord cant deny this. We decided to wait until landlord came on Saturday to do repairs.just banging the windows closed wasnt a proper repair. If he cant fix them himself he should get a tradesman. Could be just the hinges need tightened/replaced.

not familiar with the plastic ones . Some are on a spiral system . Yours sound as if they need a specialist repair man/woman

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Yeah. Either landlord doesnt want to pay for repairs, or he cant pay for them.but the wind that is coming through them gaps is moving the blinds, more so on windy days. And bad heat loss from house.

Likely to be either the hinges or the packing. Both simple and cheap jobs. Have a look on the Shelter website at their recommended procedure for paying for such repairs and deducting the cost from the rent. This would be at your own risk though.

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When you say sliding do you mean up and down, or opening with hinges on the vertical side?

Hinges on the left vertical side with two handles on right side. They open out.

I dont understand how a sliding window has hinges . A sliding window goes in a groove. You said it was a sliding window

Meant just opens out with two handles on right,

That is not a sliding window It is an ordinary opening window Just because the hinges slide does not make it a sliding window in trade terms Two handles suggest it is a bg opener The hinges will be prone to sag and distort. Depends how old the window is as to the type of hinge. Different openers have certain type of hinge that have a different “throw” or movement ,so it is easy to buy and try to fit the wrong hinges

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Sorry my mistake, but surely wouldnt be a difficult fix for a tradesman or windowman?

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You need a window repair man used to the different window patterns I have fitted 100 s plastic windows , I know that the makers will alter the hinges , handles ,profiles and so on so repairs can be awkward

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This doesn’t sound a very good Landlord. Hope you can get it fixed OK. A good landlord would always do repairs effectively, either themselves or getting someone in.

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He came out, put in new smoke alrm ok, but he just banged the windows for 5 minutes. When he left was still gap on bottom window. Top had been banged closed, but when we opened and closed it gap was still there. We messaged him that he needed to get a tradesman out to fix them property. His reply “there is no gaps and will be no tradesmen”

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