Landlord texting us asking for bank statement and payslips after contract renewal?

Hi everyone,

My partner (29M) and I (29F) found a property to rent last year in 2020 through OpenRent, we went through the referencing (which included bank statements, last 3 payslips, previous landlord reference etc) with a referencing company, also through OpenRent.

This year, our contract was up for renewal, after texting our landlord he was happy to renew our contract for another year which he did also through OpenRent. After my partner and I signed, and after the landlord signed, he texted me asking for our last 3 payslips and bank statements confirming our 3 last employment payments for his mortgage company. He asked to send that directly to him.

Is this a normal practise? I have never came across a situation where the landlord would ask for those details for a contract renewal, let alone by text.

Any advice is welcome :pray:

That sounds odd.

Even if you didn’t provide payslips etc. he can’t revoke your contract or evict.

I’m not sure why the bank would ask for your payslips.

What I would do is ask him to provide copies of the request from the bank if you feel uncomfortable.

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It’s a bit over the top, however, you didn’t need to “renew the tenancy”. It continues automatically as a periodic tenancy.

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