Landlord won't give me the keys on move in date

I have signed AST since 3 weeks ago and tomorrow is our move in date. We have agreed of the time for keys handover tomorrow morning. Suddenly my landlord canceled the keys handover and said that he needs few more days.
As I speak to the landlord, the problem is the previous tenant still possess the keys, and he still has dispute over the furnitures with that person.
I see that the house is already cleared, clean, and tidy, ready to move in. So what with the delay? Their dispute has nothing to do with my tenancy.
We have been staying at the hotel these three weeks and waiting this whole time to move in to a proper house. We can’t stay any longer in the hotel, because it’s cost too much.
We also have a little child who already uncomfortable staying too long at the hotel.
I and my wife are currently work from home and need to settle in a house to work properly.
Can anyone here please advice me what to do? What legal thing that I can do? How to insist the landlord to provide me the keys, and set aside his disputes with the previous tenant?

If you have signed a contract for a tenancy to begin tomorrow, the landlord will be responsible for paying your hotel costs from then, provided you are paying the rent on the property. You should let them know that you will need to claim this from them.


Tell the ll immediately what your current situation is. Tell them exactly how much your hotel costs per day. Make them aware that it would be their legal duty to compensate you. Don’t withhold rent. If you agreed to pay rent today, then do it. Otherwise the ll can argue: no rent no key.