Tenant moving in but not able to collect keys


I have a tenant due to move in soon but isn’t able to collect the key on move in day. They’re asking if a friend can collect it for them. Is this ok or do i need the tenant to be their

I would not do that what if the person who picks up the key then moves in and can say ,well you gave me the key… Only to the one who signed.

Agree with Colin. If the tenant is not able to move in, what is the point to have the key at the moment. Ask him to handle over key when he is needed and agree to meet you in person for checking in. On the day of checking in, you need to do the inventory list or at least have check in form and photos to document the condition you handle over your property at the begining of the tenancy. Ask him to sign and agree with the condition as well.

Thank you for the reply. It’s because she is in hospital and can’t physically be there but we previously agreed on this date and she has her belongings to move in.

is there anything i can do to get it in writing the the tenant is happy for here friend to accept the inventory and keys?

Hi @Max3

Could u not deliver the key to the tennent under such circanstance. atleast that will put your mind at ease a fair bit.

hope your keeping safe.

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I could do but then how would i do the inventory with them?

Do that the day they go into the property I’m looking to rent myself but unfortunately no landlords in Manchester I can speak to it’s just a suggestion because it’s not her fault if she’s in hospital so do the inventory the day she moves in