Landlord won't provide reference

My former landlord won’t provide a reference. I disputed a deposit deduction, involved the TDS when we could not reach an agreement, and TDS found in my favour.

I was professional and polite throughout but the landlord took the situation quite personally.

I’m currently staying with a friend and am very concerned that this will make letting future properties difficult. Could anyone advise how I might handle this?


So he refused to leave a reference after you’ve left? Nothing you can do - it’s his right.

It would be foolish of a landlord to refuse to provide a reference when you’re still renting as you could damage the flat, but it’s his rights also.

You could always try to reason with him but it’s entirely possible that he gives you a bad reference (as long as it’s factual there’s nothing you can do about it).

I’m assuming you left on bad terms - that’s always a risk you take if you don’t get along with your landlord.

Could you show a record of all the payments you made while you rented?
Length of your tenancy?
Information you provided to secure the let?
Any neighbors that could write you a reference based on their experiences of you.

Put a little portfolio together. Did you rent through an estate agent, maybe they could give you a reference based on their experiences with you.

Don’t give up all hope. I’m sure those other things would help demonstrate your ability to afford the property you lived in.

Seems to me most landlords only care that you can show affordability, so any previous records like that. Maybe your incomings and outgoings on a bank statement.

I’m sure lots of people are in your situation, landlords are just flawed people too.

Best of luck!


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