Landlords Electric Meter

A landlord friend of mine has had the electric supply from the landlords meter put onto a tenants meter (one light bulb in a hallway ) He has been given a small reduction in rent because of this. But try and get Scottish Power to take the landlords meter out. , it is like banging your head against a brick wall. Any suggestions ?

If you have issues with suppliers you can go to the energy ombudsman

You may have to remove the Landlord’s RCD and any supplies ( they will not take out meters if anything live is attached)

Meters are a very complicated issue and I’m afraid it is not that simple. People at the bottom of the food chain don’t understand how it works so you need to get to the complaints department or a manager to hear your needs.
Even when meters are taken out they may still bill as the cable is live at central grid ( it’s called a phantom meter) so don’t forget to ask for the cable on the public highway to be disconnected. Be pro active and contact central cable networks to do that ( once the meter removal is agreed or removed- you will need evidence) and arrange that yourself ( if not that will take six months if left to utility suppliers)

Keep a written log of everything

Email the services as a complaint as you are not being heard clearly stating what you want
Threaten that you will go to the ombudsman in your complaint
You need to keep the issue open for several weeks before the ombudsman get involve
www. ombudsman energy

The suppliers are fined if the ombudsman get involved, and you are remunerated for your inconvenience.
They bend over backwards to avoid the fines from the ombudsman
Good luck you will need it
I had to threaten suicide in a letter before I got heard

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Thanks for your reply. I know dealing with the utilities can be a nightmare, they do not like to give in

At least now it’s electronic.
When I had issues it was writing letters and posting recorded delivery so we had evidence they received correspondence
It did nearly kill me