Tenant has tampered with meter- need advice

I reported the gas meter tampering to ovo and they won’t tell me how long it takes to investigate. I asked for a new safe meter in the meantime but they say it has to be investigated first. The meter is still in the house! So what are they investigating? One time they said ten days now 40 and sometimes won’t even say. Please help I need some heating and to rent it out again. Does anyone know what I can do to speed them up? Thanks

Hi Neil, you could complain to the Energy Ombudsman.

They have been extremely helpful with me in the past.

I think you need to raise a complain with Ovo first before the Ombudsman will pick it up, but if you threaten to Ovo that you will do so, then that may help focus their minds…


Thanks for replying. I contacted the ombudsman but I have to wait 8 weeks before I’m allowed to or get something from ovo saying we can’t reach an agreement. They haven’t replied to my complaint though.


Yeah I think that’s the most you can do for now.

Tweeting them might help, as frustrating as that is.