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Hi, I have been notified 2 days ago by the property management that the tenants from downstairs had a leak 3 weeks ago from my tenant. My tenant said he had a problem with the washing machine. He moved the hose. He said when the neighbour from downstairs notified him about the water, he cleaned everything. I wasn’t notified at the time. Now, I received an email from the management company that they had to changed the washing machine because of that. How I can prove that? What do they need to show me? Please let me know if there is formal procedure for this and any company that could Investigate this. Thank you

This isnt very clear. The management company have replaced the washing machine in your flat?

Hi Mark10, sorry because my message is not clear. As I have been told, my tenant moved the hose of the washing machine. This caused water leaking to the floor downstairs. My tenant said that he cleaned the water straight away when they notified him. He didn’t receive more news from them. No one told me about that at the time. Now, after 3 weeks, I received and email from the management company saying the owner from the flat downstairs had to change their washing machine because the leak damaged their washing machine. The owner from downstairs wrote to the management company but they didn’t notify me until now. I would like to know how can I find out if everything is true. If there is any kind of companies that investigate this kind of things or what I need to ask the people from downstairs or if the management is also responsible for not notify me earlier. Thank you

You need to find out more. What does moved the hose mean? How did a water leak damage the washing machine of the flat below? That doesnt sound likely. Neither does it sound likely that the management company would buy the leaseholder a new machine. What are they asking from you? Are they claiming you are responsible?

The tenant moved the hose. I don’t know why but he moved it. The water was pouring down stairs, through the window like it was raining and through the kitchen hood. The owner of the below flat want me to pay for the new washing machine that he bought. Please let me know who needs to pay for that. Thank w

I would just decline to do so and to suggest he takes it up with the tenant.

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Not being there when a washing machine is running can be a big mistake ,so you can hopefully spot leaks. A hose not in the correct position can run and run , even the the discharge pipe… You did not do it. Do not get into it . The flat below wants the easy option which is . You… Let them sue the tenant. Another reason why I never supply white goods.

Is this the same post albe it worded slightly different that you posted earlier?

There is a maintenance company for the building for my rented flat.
The owner from the below neighbour reported a leak to the maintenance company. After 3 weeks, the maintenance company sent my an email about the issue.
My tenant knew it and he didn’t notified me.
What are the responsibilities of a maintenance company. Should them notify me earlier? Can I blame them responsible? How can I complain about them?
Thank you???

Yes, Gary, it is the same issue but different things worked out wrongly

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