Tenants leaking washing machine caused major damp issue


My lovely tenants had a friend install their washing machine & didn’t put the rubber washer in the inlet hose. They started mentioning damp within 3 months of being there. But we could not see what was causing it. I then made a claim on insurance so they could find the leak. Several damp companies came out but none understood where it was coming from. Months of this, finally, a seek & find took place paid for by insurance10 days ago by a leak detector company who found the tenants washing machine was pouring out water from the inlet hose which had no rubber seal in it.

It will cost between £400-800 to sort the wall which was absorbing all the water for nearly a year.

How do I deal with this? They are such a lovely couple but I should not have to pay for the repairs.

When I told them the damp in that area was down to their washing machine they were very apologetic & said they would get a dehumidifier & we discussed how they might be able to borrow for free on Facebook or Freecycle. That was 10 days ago & I followed up on it today asking if they got a dehumidifier & they just said no they couldn’t find one.

So they didn’t even tell me they didn’t get one. Not bothered. They are leaving in 2 weeks time & I have to deal with the deposit. I have no idea how to handle this.

They are lovely but managed to crack a brand new ceramic hob which they paid for it ti be replaced & now this. An entire 11 months without them noticing.

Is that insurable? I do not have my own insurance as the freehold has buildings insurance with landlord cover. The issue is, while we the leaseholders pay for the insurance, it’s in the freehold name & the freehold is a control freak.he wouldn’t even let me make a claim!!! He put a halt on it. We are in the process of buying the freehold which I now know at an extortionate rate especially with the new legislation coming in.

If you didn’t supply it, then the Washing machine fitment is their responsibility and anything from the end of the pipe where the hose is attached.
I had this issue and again couldn’t work out where the damp was coming from
Found it eventually and the property just dried out. Rub down and redecorate and the tide marks on the walls are no longer visible.
Deduct any reasonable expenses from their deposit if they’re leaving
Worth including in inspection visits as it’s a pain in the neck

They’re not that lovely as it does not sound as though they are bothered.
Looks like you will have to deduct from the deposit you have a report of the cause. You’ve tried to find another way to fund their damages which a lot of people probably wouldn’t have done.

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Yes, they are young. I’m not sure what they think, that they have got off Scot free because they apologised. Both things were genuine misfortunes but they haven’t made any effort whatsoever to deal with it. I’m very sad to have to deduct but I have to.

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If your insurance doesnt cover it then yes, they should pay.