LL want me to sign a New contract

My first contract 6 months expires in May and LL now want me to sign another 6 months contract with 2 months notice if i need to move out after 6 months.
Shouldn’t it be on rolling monthly after my current contract since rent isn’t going up and to give LL a month notice if i need to move?

If you refuse and do nothing, it will go periodic (rolling contract). However, you also risk the fact that the LL could issue a Section 21 giving you 2 months notice at any time to leave.

If you sign a new contract, you will have to stay, but the benefit is that the LL cannot force you to leave until the end of the 6 months so you have security of tenure.

Did the LL take a deposit and protect it correctly?

Yes thanks for your response. Yes deposit is protected.

Depending on the experience of the Landlord, they may not know about the ‘periodic’ option. They may just have ‘always’ signed a new contract every 6 months, thinking this is how it should be done. Maybe a chat with the Landlord to see why he wants a new contract signing, and to agree a way forward.

i did speak to them but turns out the reason they want a new contract is to be sure i will not be moving out any time soon and LL also want to include in the new contract that i have to give them 2 months notice if i have to move out at the end of the new contract.

We have a good relationship for the first 6 months, everything good, rent paid in time and i have no plans to move any time soon as my kids are settling in their new school but i don’t want to be tied into a new contract because this is life you never know what can happen and want to move and all of a sudden a could LL is asking me to pay off a contract i was not supposed to enter into in the first place.

Kindly read my response to them but they still not satisfied.

Regarding our discussion yesterday. We would prefer not to enter into another fixed term agreement and let the terms of the current tenancy agreement continue on a monthly basis after the 6 months fixed term ends on 18th of May 2024.

This will give us (Landlord and tenant) flexibility just in case we have a reason to move out in the near future, though we are not looking to move out anytime soon as we just got here and settling in fast but you never know what could happen and as you know getting out of a fixed contract is never in favour of the tenant.

We will continue to honor the terms of the current contract and make sure rent is paid as at when due and keep the property in top condition and hopefully we will be here for a long time.

They’re within their rights to ask you to sign a new fixed term and they have been honest enough with you to tell you why they would like you to do this. If they want you there long term, they should be open to being persuaded that your family circumstances currently mean you plan to be there long term and that a periodic tenancy would help you to do that.

If you have a good relationship, politely explain that the idea of years of having to sign continual 6 month tenancies is making you think you might want to look for somewhere else to live. That should make them think!