Locks on bedroom doors in shared houses

My son is looking to rent a house in Wales and I just wanted to ask if it is a requirement for the bedroom doors in a shared house to have a lock so that they can be locked when my son goes out etc

Really surprised you have had no reply. You would expect the reasonable answer to be yes because nobody wants to get robbed or whatever- tenants right to security. However any letting must comply with fire safety regs-adequate means of escape, fire doors etc so a bit of a headache for the landlord and your son.

Best ask the Local Authority about their requirements. One thing I do know is that you cannot have locks on that require a key on the inside, it has to be thumb turn or Yale.

Yes. Good point- so that the person can exit the room in an emergency even if they cant find their key. Other occupants will also need a means of escape if they are trapped during a fire.

Exactly so Thumb turn 5 lever Euros are what I always fit… Idealy each room should have a fire escape window. The best outfits will have linked smoke alarms thruout