Lodger paying monthly giving notice

I could use some advice as this is my first experience with a lodger.
After 11 months renting a room in my house, my lodger gave me 1 months notice in the middle of the paying month last week, and said he’d actually be moving out in a week (which, time wise, would mean the end of this w/e 19th Jan 2024). He then said he’d pay half a months rent - based on January’s rent already being paid and Februarys rent due beginning Feb).
I wasn’t sure if this was fair (not fully knowing what his obligations were) But figured I would look into it and if necessary, let him know if this was or wasn’t acceptable, before his planned moving out date at the end of this week.
However, I came home from work today, to find he had already cleared out, left his key, and had deposited half a months rent in my account.
My question is this; Should his months notice have been from the rent due date (not mid month) and therefore a full months rent for February payable?
I might be wrong, but I get the feeling I just got stitched up?
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

The law for lodgers is different than for professional LLs but a quick search shows his notice period is as long as his rent period.

That means, if he pays monthly he has a month’s notice (from when he gave you notice). If he pays bi-weekly then he has two weeks’ notice.

So, you should be very happy and grateful that he has paid what he owes although he is not even living there right now.

It sounds as if you’re trying to be greedy - don’t be.

Send him a message thanking him for his payment and wish him luck.

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I wasn’t being greedy at all. I was simply asking the question because I wasn’t sure - I thought I made that clear?
I’m not sure it warranted the insult along with it, but thanks for the info anyway.
I won’t be sending him any messages as you kindly advised either, as I’ll be busy rectifying all the issues left in his room.
Thanks again!

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