Is my situation with the landlord legit?

Hi I’m new here and have a question! I came across a house I like which is local to me and has everything I need/ want. I contact the person via Facebook messenger as I saw the advertisement through facebook marketplace, we have then exchanged emails and said because she lives aboard she will be using open rent which is fine. But because I’m new to this I would really like some answers, the landlord said we need to send her all my details such as name email address which is normal and she’s asked for a proof of id like passport. However the house isn’t advertised on open rent? She said after I have sent her my all details I listed above she will give my details to open rent and they will send me a link to manage a booking with the contract and keys to me it sounds legit but just wanted to make sure as the house isn’t up for advertising. Thank you :smiling_face:

Sorry, but I didnt bother reading past the word Facebook. Notorious for scams.

Scams like this make people think that rents are much lower than they really are. Only go through porperties that are on Open Rent or through the agent. Here LL have to prove their ownership just to be listed. Look at it as your safety net against imposters.

As David122 said FB is well known for scam rentals. For RM, Zoopla and OR listings a landlord has to submit ownership docs to show they are the owners and can legitimately rent the property. On FB there are no such checks.

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