LPG Gas Safety - covered by OpenRent

Do you do gas safety certificates for LPG?

Shelter Legal England - Gas safety checks and responsibilities - Shelter England.
Gas safety checks – what needs them?
The regulations cover both normal gas supplies and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which is usually supplied from tanks and cylinders and is commonly used in mobile homes and some rural areas where mains gas is not supplied.

I have provided an LPG appliance for a property, does that need to be checked?

Yes, Landlord duties for LPG appliances are the same as for natural gas. The landlord must arrange maintenance by a Gas Safe registered engineer for all LPG appliances which they own and provide for tenants and have a Gas Safe registered engineer carry out a safety check carried out at least once every 12 months.

In addition to maintenance, there are some further safety precautions to take with LPG heaters:

  • be aware that cabinet heaters need a good supply of fresh air to burn properly so the room must be well ventilated;
  • ensure any heaters have an atmosphere sensing device- it will shut the appliance off if the air quality is poor;
  • ensure that the correct size and type of gas bottle is being used.
  • be aware that outdoor heaters and not designed for use indoors.

Thank you for confirming that I need to get a gas safety certificate for LPG. I am interested to know whether Openrent’s gas safety check service can be used to employ an LPG engineer to do this. Typically they are harder to come by and I did not want to pay to have a gas safety certificate carried out to find that they were not an LPG engineer and be charged for them to go out and not be able to do it.

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I’m afraid we’re unable to guarantee that the engineers in your area would be able to carryout a gas safety check on LPG appliances.

For any landlords who have specific gas safety requirements, we’d recommend that you use the Gas Safe Register - the official body for all gas safety engineers in the UK - to find an engineer in your area that meets your requirements: