No gas supply. Openrent repeatedly asks for safety certificate


I am about to let out a house, which I have let out for about 20 years. When I began to let the house out I had, and still have, the gas supply cut off/disconnected, so there is no physical way anyone can use the gas.

Where the gas fire was, the only gas appliance in the house, I have, all along, supplied an electric fire/heater.

All the electrical safety tests have been done and passed, but Openrent keeps informing me I need to produce evidence of a gas safety test too!

Advice please.

If the gas is capped off at the meter then you don’t need a gas safety cert. Is the electric fire the only heating? Doesn’t sound adequate to me?

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There are night storage heaters in rooms and a few portable electric heaters.

Hi @Niteowl - Can you confirm where OpenRent has asked for evidence of a gas safety test? This should only be asked if there is a gas supply to the property, and any communications should state this, but maybe it’s not clear enough or we’ve missed it somewhere. Happy to help if you can point us in the right direction!

When you take on a new tenant you have to tick the boxes about electrical safety check ie the EICR , plus the box about PAT testing plus the box about the gas safety certificate but there isnt an option to tick ‘no gas in the property’ . The only way ive managed to progress is tick that i have a gas safety certificate even in an all electric flat . Am i missing something ?

I shouldn’t worry about what OpenRent say they are not the law. I have one flat where there is a gas meter but no gas users as I removed them all, its a small flat and electric was more appropriate. make sure your main gas valve is switched off and padlock/chain it closed if you can.
I dont pay a standing charge for this flat and neither should you.

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Unless the gas is capped off at the meter, a gas safety cert will be required as it covers the pipework etc whether or not there are “gas users”.

The only way ive managed to progress is tick that i have a gas safety certificate even in an all electric flat . Am i missing something ?/

The contract configuration page now asks:


If you say no, then there is no requirement to confirm you have a CP12 in place.

However, I’m not sure if this is what @Niteowl is referring to, as they only got to the tenancy set up stage several days after making this post. Perhaps they’ll be able to shed some light on the situation!

I have now let my property out and the issue has rwsolved itself.

I beleive there is also a PAT test box, which doesn’t apply to most. You just tick them & move on. Leave the date box blank, so Openrent doesn’t remind you its about to expire.

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