Rent Now message

OpenRent are prompting me to send a “Rent Now” request immediately after a viewing. I am loathe to do so - don’t want to appear pushy or even desperate! Does anyone know what the message that accompanies this request actually says?

then do not do it, Its your place.


Thanks Colin.*sooo *helpful.

What I need to know is what does the prompt message that goes to the prospective tenant say?

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I do not know as I have not had such a message . The key thing is YOU decide who has your place not Openrent. Do not feel pressured… Just do not push that button until you are happy

Hi Nicholas,

Good question - and one of those things that’s hard to design into the UI!

This is what the email currently looks like though:

We may also SMS and send a push notification to the tenant, which depends on a number of factors (whether they interact / respond / what contact details we hold).

This is of course subject to change, but hopefully gives you an idea of what happens in the next step.


Thanks Daz - that’s really helpful. The message is not, I assume, “tailorable” by me?

The message is not, I assume, “tailorable” by me?

Currently not I’m afraid. Out of interest, what specifically would you like to say? I’m happy to put forward some proposals to our team around this, but good to understand what message you’d like to get across alongside our email to your tenants.

Alternatively, feel free to message the tenants using the messenger, and then link them to your property advert where they can click “Rent Now”. Whilst not perfect, it does let you fully control the messaging!

Oh - I think it’s just the wish to be able to “personalise” the message a bit - create a bit of a “warm” feeling. Something like

“after meeting you at your recent viewing, Nicholas has indicated that he would be very happy to offer you the tenancy of (property) etc etc”

You get my drift?


Ok, you’re getting the rent now message because your prospective agent/landlord is offering you the property.

I think it’s just the wish to be able to “personalise” the message a bit - create a bit of a “warm” feeling

Understood. This isn’t something we’ll be able to offer up right away, but in the meantime do feel free to message your tenants personally with your custom wording. You can tell them to just click the green “Rent Now” button from your advert to kick things off. Hope that helps in the meantime :slight_smile:

If you send the Rent Now request are you tied to using Open Rent’s AST and referencing?

If you send the Rent Now request are you tied to using Open Rent’s AST and referencing?

You can find full details about Rent Now and what it encompasses here:

Referencing is optional (although strongly recommended!), and the AST is editable but signing does have to happen online via the platform.

As others have said - it’s your call. However, I sympathise with the lack of transparency and wish OpenRent would automatically copy landlords on the same emails they send send to our tenants (rather than send a separate email to us stating that “some” message has been sent).

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I like open rent EXCEPT that they keep"prompting"
It makes me feel not in control and the messaging to all tenants etc is too inflexible.
Also I dont like OR deciding when I should pause or end my ad.

Surely it shouldn’t say the landlord has invited you to place a holding deposit when they haven’t? It happened to me twice; one girl hadn’t even been to view yet, and when I returned the deposit she got angry and I got a message saying she’d blocked me! You should only place a holding deposit when the landlord says they would like to rent to you and asks you to, to save any discomfort.